Edited by Robert F. Barsky and Jonathan Cohen Lawrence B. Cohen began revising his Columbia University PhD dissertation on worker self management in the spring of 1949, with an eye to publishing it for broad circulation. He completed the first draft in the spring of 1950, and then revised it over the next few years with input from Stanley Aranowitz and Seymour Melman. The final manuscript offers intimate details regarding the workings of a local union, and provides significant insight into worker decision making. The goal of the union that Cohen investigated was to establish "rules which can be applied without bias," and on this basis he sets forth a framework for active worker participation in decision making that relates to production. The complete manuscript of this book is hereby presented for the first time, and it is accompanied by scholarly and historical commentary that helps situate it within its historical context, while at the same time providing illuminating insights for workers and scholars concerned with shifting power relations in the workplace. This issue also offers commentary on Donald Trump's Executive Orders of January 2017 in regards to refugee rights and sanctuary.

Published: 2017-02-02