Stregoni is not a Band

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Francesco Della Puppa
Giulia Storato


This contribution is the result of wider research, focused on projects that use artistic production to encourage the social inclusion of migrants and asylum seekers. Specifically, the article focuses on the Stregoni [“Sorcerers”] network, a project, born in Italy, which aims to involve migrant refugees and asylum seekers through music workshops. The Stregoni network created and is creating several hubs in Italy where native and migrant musicians try to involve other refugees and asylum seekers through improvisation workshops and live concerts. The aim of the project is to stimulate the personal agency of the subjects involved, encourage the creation of social bonds and networks and deconstruct the stereotyped image of refugees and asylum seekers and the orientalist portrayal of their musical productions. Through the collection of interviews with native and migrant musicians involved in the project as well as key informants, the article will reconstruct the genesis of the project, highlighting its innovative aspects, as well as weaknesses and ambivalences.

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