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Pierssens, M. (2014). Interview with Michel Pierssens. AmeriQuests, 11(1).
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Michel Pierssens, Université de Montréal

MP, French literature professor at Université de Montréal, has taught modern literature and culture in a number of French, American and Canadian universities. The author of several books dealing with connections between literature, linguistics, philosophy and science, he is co-founder and past editor of SubStance (UofWisconsin P), and founder and editor of Histoires Littéraires (Paris) and Épistémocritique ( as well as organizer and editor of the fourteen volumes Colloques des Invalides (Paris) colloquium series. Research interests: Modern literature, especially French, XIXth and XXth c. Relationships between literature and science. Epistemology. Modern and postmodern Art. Academic rank: Full Professor (professeur titulaire)