Cultural Policy and Cultural Life: Québec’s Experience

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Andrée Tremblay


The object of this article is draft a brief history of cultural policymaking in Québec through various initiatives adopted by successive governments in the largely French-speaking province since the middle of the 20th century. These initiatives have been instrumental in the development of an amazingly rich and diversified cultural life within Québec.

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Tremblay, A. (2012). Cultural Policy and Cultural Life: Québec’s Experience. AmeriQuests, 9(1-2).
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Andrée Tremblay, Québec Government Office in Atlanta

Andrée Tremblay is Public Affairs Officer at the Québec Government Office in Atlanta, where she has been handling Government Relations, Academic and Cultural Affairs in 11 Southern States since March 2009. Her responsibilities include developing relations with state and city governments; encouraging exchanges between Québec and U.S. universities; promoting Québec’s culture and supporting Québec artists who want to perform on this side of the border. A former Physics teacher and technology reporter in her native Québec, Andrée has been living in the United States since 1982. After several years as a Communications Officer at the Government Office in New York, she worked as a senior group director for corporate communications and crisis management at several global P.R. firms such as Weber Shandwick Worldwide, Golin Harris International and Ketchum, where she advised a number of U.S. and international companies in the energy, telecommunications and high-tech sectors.