American, United Statian, USAmerican, or Gringos?

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Luis Claudio Villafane Santos


The text discusses the use of the word "American" when referring to people from, or citizens of, the United States of America. The fact that the citizens of the United States call themselves "Americans" causes disconfort for many Latin Americans, who see the appropriation of the collective identity of all peoples and countries of the Western Hemisphere as a clear act of cultural imperialism. The article discusses the historic origins and the consolidation of the use of "American" in this restrict sense.

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Santos, L. C. V. (2006). American, United Statian, USAmerican, or Gringos?. AmeriQuests, 2(1).
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Luis Claudio Villafane Santos, Instituto Rio Branco (Brazil)

Luís Cláudio Villafañe G. Santos is a Brazilian diplomat with a Ph.D. and M.A. in History from University of Brasilia, who also did graduate studies in Political Science at New York University. He is associate researcher at the Instituto Rio Branco. Among his publications are: O Império e as Repúblicas do Pacífico: as relações do Brasil com Chile, Bolívia, Peru, Equador e Colômbia (1822-1889). Curitiba: Editora da UFPR, 2002. O Brasil entre a América e a Europa: o Império e o interamericanismo (do Congresso do Panamá à Conferência de Washington). São Paulo: Editora da UNESP, 2004. "Identities in the Empire of Brazil: constructing the Other". In GALOPPE, Raul & WEINER, Richard. A Fine Line: Explorations in Subjectivity, Borders and Demarcation. Lanham, MD: University Press of America (forthcoming: 2005).