by Karl Brussel


Rushing to The Peak       

No one cared to see him live

They refused him Oxygen

Was this a genocide of one

Or dulling of humanness


One bent low and whispered

‘The peak The peak

I’m sure you’ll surely understand

It was your goal as well’


Did they offer aid

As he gasped for Oxygen

No, on to The Peak


But wait

Here comes the leader of the climb

Did he stop for long           Not he

Rather go on to glory and to fame

The first  to make the climb

On man made legs

They felt nothing then


And never will.



That is why                         That is why

They passed on him

Did it                                  Did it

Have to be?


The other to our common end.


Who can these climbers be?

Can they be like you

Can they be like me

Could you

Would i

Have left him there

To live

To die.


What arrogance

What grand deceit

To play the game

To decide

Who may lives

Who may dies.



As a chorus they replied

‘When  we climb

The law is crystal clear

We decide how to help or not..


‘This was his third

His final try

Why by      himself

Why no      guide

Why no      supplies

If not to bring and end

To his what was

What is

What is to be



We know ours well

Yes, we passed

His last request

Go on… reach The Peak

We felt sadness and remorse

But no guilt no shame


It was too late’


There are no guarantees

Who will live

Who will die

Does humanity demand we try? 


‘An accident or planned

And self fulfilled

The end is always the same

Every court of law will

Find us innocent’


In times to come

When talking of the climb

Will they pass him by again

Talking only of their record

In all the record books.


Can we

Will we

Ever let them forget

Or do we share their innocence?


How Strange

How Bizarre

To Justify Yourself

‘There was nothing we could do’

Is To Live                      To Deny


Can climbing into record books

Be the measure of our times?

Did they have the  decency

To even ask his name       rushing

Rushing to The Peak